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I love feeling great.  I love not being sick.  I am quite addicted to feeling good, actually.  But my life has not always been this way.  Up until  my mid 20's, I had been plagued with numerous health problems: constipation, acne, PMS, depression, canker sores, indigestion, and low energy levels.  I thought it was normal to have to put up with these minor issues all the time.  I didn't know it was even possible to be free of these annoying health problems.  So, it wasn't until my mother-in-law was diagnosed with breast cancer that I started to look into the role that nutrition played in health.  The more I learned, the more it just made sense to me.  I began to use myself as a guinea pig for my own personal health experiment.  I began to clean up my diet of sugar and processed foods, and my health issues started to go away!  My energy level and mood became much more stable.  It didn't happen overnight, but once I started feeling the difference with better nutrition, I became committed to a healthy lifestyle.  As I added more fresh, raw foods to  my diet, my health soared beyond what I had even thought was possible.  I couldn't believe that it was possible to wake up every day feeling great!

Years later I was exposed to some environmental toxins that compromised by body's ability to detoxify these toxins and I developed Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.  As my body became toxic, I began to have an allergic response to chemicals in my everyday environment.  To make a long story short, I eventually found the answer to this devastating illness.  I went through an intensive detoxification program using mainly a far infrared sauna to remove the toxic chemicals from my body.  As I detoxified, my symptoms and reactions began to go away.  At this point I realized that lasting health is only possible through a healthy diet and regular detoxification.  I am now free of those health problems and believe in the power of good food and cleansing to heal the body and restore health! 

I am passionate about sharing what I've learned about natural food and detoxification with others.  I know I went through my own health struggles for a reason, and I believe that reason is to help others find the way to vibrant health.  There are too many people suffering needlessly from conditions that can be corrected by diet, nutrition, and detoxification.  This blog will be one avenue of teaching people what I've learned from my own journey.  For more in depth education, I have created a 12-week curriculum, called the Vibrant Health Course, to help people learn how to transition to healthy food.  It is taught at various churches and community centers, or can be purchased for individual use on my website: Pure Vitality.  The companion book, Vibrant Health: Simple Steps to Transform Your Health, is loaded with tasty recipes to increase your vitality along with tons of information about changing your diet.

The human body has an amazing ability to be healthy if we will only give it what it needs.  Everyone deserves vibrant health and the opportunity to live life to the fullest!! 

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